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Then, we will set a new port number (8443 instead of 8123), define the usexforwardedfor header (passing on the.

yaml, simply add the following line of code to the end of your configuration file.


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Setting up Duck DNS allows you to have remote access to your Home Assistant.


Figure 2

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We saw in our last post how to access our Home Assistant using nginx proxy and Lets Encrypt ssl certificates.


I must have external access due to some integraton that needs external access.

Encryption is provided by a Let&x27;s Encrypt certificate.

This video takes you through how to enable remote access for Home AssistantHassio.

Go to the Configuration tab of the add-on and add.

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Support the channel wit.



Figure 4

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Perfect to run on a Raspberry Pi or a local server.

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Authentication API.

Tested Home Assistant integrations, remote access, and voice commands; So in terms of security, there are two aspects to consider.

A bit of nginx magic achieves this but the resulting benefits are not only great, the mobile app can access sensors (GPS; battery, status) in your phone for.

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